Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Too Much!

My living room is beginning to look very lovely. About 2 weeks ago, inspired by the great paint job my son did with the bathroom, I decided the living room needed to be painted as well. My son, his girlfriend, and I started painting it 5 days ago. Because of space limitations, only wall can be painted at a time. Now, it's time for the trim.

All this while having the damage from Hurricane Katrina repaired is leaving me stressed. Yesterday, I realized it is only 2 weeks to Passover! I haven't even begun to clean the house for hametz!!!

Jeremy's girlfriend has been an almost perfect house guest. She is very nice and I'm glad to have gotten to know her better. She leaves this Sunday.

I've been having to deal with other things as well. It is nice to be busy but I think there's just been too much to deal with lately.

My son said he and Sarah will finish the trim on two walls today! So perhaps, I can move my furniture back in place and rehang all the pictures.

Jeremy has been doing a lot around the house. He is stepping up. His girlfriend has been helping as well. I keep asking her if she minds. She says she has been enjoying the painting and helping me pick out material. She isn't able to decorate her home because she and her family live in an apartment and likes the opportunity to paint and decorate.

I'll be sad when she leaves on Sunday. My son will miss her even more.

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