Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cruelty: Romney & Ryan Go Hand in Hand

Romney has a streak of cruelty as evidenced from the treatment of his dog Seamus and how he treated a fellow classmate he thought was gay. His company Bain Capital speaks volumes about what truly drives Romney: the lust of money without thinking about who it may harm. Romney doesn't want to release details of his tax plan. Perhaps, because it would be greeted the same way as Ryan's tax plan. People just couldn't believe it would be so cruel. The newly adopted GOP platform will allow for Romney's tax plan to eliminate the home mortgage deduction. Paul Ryan co-sponsored a bill with Congressman Todd Akin to redefine rape. The bill would have also prevented women who had been raped, either by a stranger or family member, to get an abortion. Both Romney and Ryan do not seem care about who they harm. Romney didn't care about the thousands of good American jobs he sent to China. He didn't care about his dog Seamus. His actions with his classmate show that he is a bully. His tax plan will harm 98% of Americans while allowing the wealthiest to have their offshore bank accounts become even more stuffed. Ryan's abortion plan would have forced a victim of rape or incest to carry to term any pregnancy that resulted. To me, this just means that a women is being raped by the government.