Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Proud to Be a Liberal

I'm disgusted by Senator Ted Cruz, failed ex-Governor Sarah Palin, Speaker of the House John Boehner, Congressman Paul Ryan, my representative Steven Palazzo and the TEA Party who seemingly want to destroy our country. I like living in a representative Democracy. They don't even appear to know what a representative Democracy is. They are destroying our country by playing dangerous games. Some Republican Congressmen have even stated that if we default, it will not harm our country. Think of it this way, if you or I were to default on our car note or mortgage, do you think the banks will just idly stand by? Do you think it will become more difficult to get a loan? If you are able to get a loan or credit after defaulting, the interest rate you pay will go up. This is what our country is being led to. The GOP controlled House of Representatives is wrecking economic havoc on our country. They are fiddling like Nero did and our country will suffer greatly. We need to clean House in 2014.