Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Where's the Humanity?

This is day tow of Gulfport's siege. Yesterday started off normally and the water pressure was fine. As the day progressed, the water pressure kept dropping and dropping, until there was nary a trickle to be had.

I called to find out what was happening. I was informed there was yet another water main that had broken. Only problem is the water main was no where near where I live. An hour after my call, water once again flowed and there was an opportunity to wash the dishes I had started three hours ago. So with the reassurance all was well, I went to sleep.

I just tried to take a shower. Once again, low water pressure greeted my attempts. Now after Hurricane Katrina, I made do with the slow trickle of water and felt good just to have that little bit of cold water. It was actually a treat then because the afternoon shower was the only luxery available when there was no electricity.

However, I've become long accustomed to civilization once again. Hence, I want my shower! City of Gulfport, where's the humanity?

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