Sunday, August 3, 2008

To the South

It has the potential of becoming a tropical depression. In normal times, most people on Mississippi Gulf Coast and in Louisiana wouldn't be too concerned. There are still around 4,000 of people in FEMA trailers in Mississippi. Any threat, even a tropical depression needs to be taken seriously.

People are suffering from PTSD after Hurricane Katrina. We are still in a state of shock from the devastation and the constant rebuilding. Some people have accused us of being whiners and lazy. All I can say to those is you don't know what you are talking about. We have cleared miles and miles of rubble that used to be 100,000 homes(Mississippi homes!). We have been rebuilding lives, homes, businesses, and infrastructure. It is constant and we're managing to get it done in spite of insurance problems, new zoning requirements that came with the new flood zone maps, and labor/material shortages. And most of all, we've done it with the help of thousands of volunteers who gave their precious time to help us.

And most of all we've done it with a great of humor. Some days the bitterness comes through. The sense of isolation gets to us because most of the media focus has been on New Orleans. It is shaken off and the rebuilding continues.

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