Monday, August 4, 2008

A Safe Neighborhood

Mister Roger's Neighborhood isn't glitzy. It doesn't have a cacophony of sights and sounds to teach children. And yet, it is one of the most loved children's shows. His quiet voice was just as reassuring as his routine of changing his sweater and shoes after he walked through the door on his show.

You just knew you were in a safe place where the pain of growing up with alcoholic parents, divorced parents, being painfully shy, or being different, or being a latch-key kid seemed lessened. His message of it's okay was far more important than the craft projects and other educational lessons.

He provided 30 minutes of a safe world for kids who didn't know what it meant to have a home where there was a lot of chaos. More and more homes today are filled with chaos and Mr. Roger's safe neighborhood is needed more than ever. PBS has made the decision to cut the show.

Mr. Rogers is the grandfather many of us secretly wish we had. We must not let him disappear from the airwaves. Save Mister Rogers has links to find your local PBS station. The decision not to air Mister Roger's Neighborhood was made in June 2008. It is not too late to write the PBS headquarters and your local PBS station. Please do so.


Gail said...

I didn't grow up with Mr. Rogers, but my children did. I would sit them down in front of his show when they were toddlers, and he the sound of his voice just mesmerized them. They loved him and so did I. His message is timeless. It would be a shame if the latest generation of children didn't get to watch.

shira0607 said...

I didn't have the easiest childhood. I discovered his show when I was about 10. HIs gentleness and voice had me hooked.