Friday, August 29, 2008

Hurricane Gustav: Mississippi's Prudent Move

Some might say it's a bunch a hype but Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour is taking no chances. A mandatory evacuation will go into effect Saturday Hancock and Harrison counties for those in FEMA trailers. This order also applies to those in Katrina cottages which are in flood zones. I drove along Highway 90 on my way home from work, some homes and businesses have already been boarded up. This being the 3rd anniversary of Katrina, we know full well what a hurricane can do.

The fore cast track for Hurricane Gustav is to land close to Vermillion Bay in Louisiana. This is to the west of New Orleans. Gustav is still days away. Some people I know that live in New Orleans are not waiting for mandatory evacuation orders. That is good news. Gustav's track can change. The cone of probability stretches from the Florida panhandle to Texas.


Anonymous said...

How is everyone faring in the Waveland, Pass Christian, Gulfport, Biloxi area? My family and I went on a mission trip to Biloxi 7 months after Katrina and were stunned by the total devastation. Although Gustav is south and west of New Orleans, I'm concerned about Missisippi - is everything okay?

shira0607 said...

So far, one tree fell on a house in Biloxi, some roof damage here and there, no reports of homes being flooded.

Everything looks okay. We were lucky. I'm hoping Louisiana fairs as well.