Sunday, August 3, 2008


The surveyors were out at the property where our new shul Gulfport is going to be built. The flags are in place and soon, the building will begin. I will post some pictures later this evening.

Congregation Beth Israel in Biloxi has been through some rough times. The shul suffered much wind damage from Hurricane Katrina. Thanks to Beauvior Methodist Church, we've been holding services in their meeting hall. Their help is much appreciated and we cannot thank them enough for their hospitality and help.

That being said, there is a certain weariness that we are not in our home. It has been almost three years since Hurricane Katrina and we need to be in our own place. The days of our b'midbar should be over in ten months. It is possible the construction can be over in time for Pesach next year. Keep us in your prayers that this may be possible.

Since the building plans were approved a few weeks ago, there is many smiling faces and a great deal of excitement. At times, it seemed like we would never get to this beginning.

The new shul will be within walking distance from where I live and I'm going to take weekly pictures of the construction.

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