Friday, August 15, 2008

The Joker Has Been Named!

The Joker is now officially Tropical Storm Fay. The computer models have been showing a more westward movement:

The The Weather Underground shows the 5 day fore cast as of this afternoon:

The eastern edge of Mississippi is in the potential cone. And at this point, that's all it is: Potential.

People along in Florida and those on the central and eastern Gulf of Mexico need to keep on eye on this joker. Though it hasn't happened with the tropical storms/hurricanes thus far this year, once these systems enter the Gulf of Mexico, they have the potential to turn into monsters.

Contingency plans need to be made. Check your emergency supplies and check to see if anything is lacking. If you plan to evacuate, plans need to formulated.


Eve said...

I guess I knew this was coming. We usually get the worst threat in August. Camille and Katrina both hit us in August. I am in gpt btw. We did lose our home to Katrina. I will stay on guard until at least the middle of Sept.

shira0607 said...

I'm so sorry to hear that eve. I'm in Gulfport as well. I'll be on my guard until October.

The newest forecast models show Fay going to the east into central Florida.

PS: I used to blog as Thoughts by Seawitch. You left a comment on my Hurricane Camille post I wrote in 2005.