Friday, August 29, 2008

Hurricane Katrina: Mississippi 3 Years Later

Much has changed since Hurricane Katrina devastated the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I've become resigned to the fact that when Hurricane Katrina is mentioned, it will be as New Orleans and the "Gulf Coast" and Mississippi will not be mentioned. It still bugs me because we have been through so much.

Rebuilding is progressing at an amazing pace. There are still areas many which look as nothing has been done. There are some who when visiting for the first time have the impression that not much has been done. They see it without the knowledge what it looked like after the massive storm surge and winds of Katrina receded, They did not see the utter destruction nor the massive clean-up.

I see streets being rebuilt one house at a time.

Hancock County took the full-force of Katrina and is the slowest in rebuilding. Jackson County had the least damage and is almost fully recovered.

I live in Gulfport located in Harrison County. The further west you go, the slower the recovery. Towns such as Pass Christian and Long Beach are rebuilding but there still much to be done. Biloxi's Point Cadet, on the eastern tip, hasn't seen much rebuilding.

Map from Wikipedia

We've done a lot to recover and rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. Thousands upon thousands of volunteers have helped and stood shoulder to shoulder with us as we pulled down mold infested sheet rock. As a community that stretches 66 miles from Lakeshore Mississippi in Hancock County to Moss Point in Jackson County, we stood together and vowed we would rebuild, better and stronger: together. And we are keeping that vow..

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