Friday, August 8, 2008

Laid Back

Mythbusters had an interesting show last night. In it, they tested to see if driving under stress makes one use more gas. Tory and Grant did the tests. Tory is high-energy and Grant is super laid-back.

Before the first test, Grant was given a bunch of puppies to help him relax. Tory was given a massage. Both were laid-back and ready for the test drive. Grant ended up using more gas than Tory.

Before the second test, Grant was given one of those fish foot massages. Seeing as he has a phobia about fish, this put him under a lot of stress. Grant was given another massage, this time by a male. Both were made to drink large quantities of coffee or energy drinks and then told they couldn't go to the bathroom. Kari had a few other things that made the test drive as stressful as possible.

What was surprising in both tests, the laid-back Grant used far more gas than Tory. He also used far more gas than the first test. And another thing that shocked me, the laid-back Grant, in the second test almost ran over the person who was participating as the "difficult" pedestrian. He didn't appear to have even slowed down. You would think that a person not prone to stress or outbursts of anger would be the one who could most effectively deal with stressful situations and remain calm. It appears the opposite is true.

In your experience, who do you perceive as being able to handle and work-through stressful situations best: Those who are laid-back or those who have occasional outbursts of anger?

It is a timely question. McCain has been criticized for having occasional outbreaks of anger. Obama is perceived to be very laid-back.

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