Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hurricane Gustav: My Update

Co-workers, bosses, and I finished evacuating all equipment and files. Mississippians are taking Gustav's threat seriously. It may well be that we only receive a glancing blow but after Hurricane Katrina, no one takes anything for granted. Businesses are taking necessary steps. The local and state governments are doing what needs to be done and making sure those most vulnerable to threats from wind or storm surge are being evacuated. Boats were being moved to safer harbor. Yesterday, it was mostly pleasure craft. Today, the shrimp boats were on the move.

Shrimp boats on Biloxi's Back Bay heading for safety.

Some were already moored along the intercoastal seaway.

More and more National Guard are being seen on the streets. They were busy yesterday in towns such as Pearlington, Biloxi, Gulfport, and other coastal cities. They went door-to-door informing those in FEMA trailers and Katrina cottages that they had to evacuate.

Click here for information on Harrison County evacuation zones and other information.

Update: For those seeking more information about shelters, transportation, and special needs,click here for the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency .

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