Friday, January 18, 2008


More archaeological findings supporting writings from the Tanekh.

After Annapolis, Israel's "peace partners" are becoming very restless, world yawns.

Olmert's government going after those on the right?. Now questioning bloggers.

A track-runner was denied being able to run in a meet because of her track suit. She wore a unitard that covers her from head to feet. Volokh makes some good points as to why she should be allowed to run:

Finally, I realize that some might specifically object to Muslim head covering claims, on the pragmatic grounds that such coverings tend to reinforce the subjugation of women, and are therefore potentially harmful to society. I don't think that's generally a good enough reason to reject an exemption request; but here it strikes me as particular counterproductive.

Here is a Muslim girl who is engaging in an activity that is far from stereotypically feminine or subjugated. If she succeeds, and other devout Muslims girls follow her example and become more involved in sports and in competition, I think this help those girls, and incidentally help them undermine whatever norms of female subservience might exist in their communities. Conversely, if devout Muslim girl are excluded from such activities, I doubt they're likely to just set aside their head coverings and become good gender-egalitarian secularists (or Muslim reformers); rather, most of them are likely to retreat into more traditional pursuits. Religious accommodation thus strikes me as the practically wise thing to do, as well as the kind thing for the girls who seek the accommodation.

Update: Media spins, doing contortions so people will feel outrage at Israel's justifiable attempts to defend her citizens against a barrage of Kassam rockets. I would like to see the media's outrage about Shalit, Ehud Goldwasser, and Eldad Regev. I would like to see the media's outrage about Israeli school children being terrorized by so-called "harmless" Kassam rockets. I would like to see the media outrage against the terrorists in Gaza who have fired 3,000 rockets into the Israeli town of Sderot since Israel pulled out of Gaza. I would like to the media outrage against the terrorists in Gaza using humanitarian trucks to cart in tons of explosives. And when Egypt closes its border crossing with Gaza, why is there no media outrage? Why is it only when Israel closes its border crossing in Gaza that there is such so much vile denunciation against Israel?

It is almost as if the media, the International Red Cross, various so-called peace groups, and the United Nations are tyring to say Israel doesn't have a right to exist.

I guess they'll be going after India and Pakistan next. I mean millions more people were uprooted when Pakistan became a Muslim state. It too was created by the United Nations. Millions of Hindus and Muslims were uprooted from their ancestral homes. Terror attacks occur in India because some Muslim extremists want Kashmir back. I don't see people defending those terrorists. Nor have I seen many defending the terrorists that killed Bhutto. Why are people so extreme in defending the terrorists that attack Israel?

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