Monday, January 7, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Tomorrow, President Bush will be leaving for an 8 day trip through the Middle East. He plans on visiting Israel and the Palestinian Authority controlled areas of the West Bank, including Ramallah.

I'm very worried for President Bush's safety on this trip. Fatah has been labeled as "moderate". Labels can be very deceiving. If you mean moderate in the sense that Fatah no longer calls for Israel's destruction in English, than I guess you could say Fatah is moderate. My concerns are very real.

Last week, two Israelis who were hiking were shot in the back by employees of the Palestinian Authority, one who just happened to be in the security force.

Also, Israel has conducted raids across the West Bank. In Shchem(Nablus), another area controlled by the Palestinian Authority, the IDF found suicide vests and arms of all sorts.

The Palestinian Authority insists it has little control of terrorists who target Israeli citizens. It seems to me President Bush and his Secret Service detail should place little credence in the Palestinian Authority to protect him. And President Bush should address the following impediments to peace: the daily Kassam attacks against the Israelis town of Sderot, the hate of Israel being taught in Palestinian Authority schools, the hate of Israel being blared from Palestinian Authority TV and radio stations, the aparthied being practiced by the Palestinian Authority against Christians, and the unwillingness of the Palestinian Authority to acknowledge Israel as a Jewish State and its right to live in peace.

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