Friday, January 25, 2008

"Peace Partners"

Is peace possible when one side of the conflict keeps rejecting it? The Palestinian Authority has yet to meet any of its obligations under the various peace accords. And yet, it is Israel that receives the vitriol of world opinion and condemnation. Egypt fires on Palestinian women at a border crossing: Only the sound of crickets are heard. Israel, rightfully closes a border: The condemnation is heard from the mountain tops.

Lebanon cuts off power and bulldozes and destroys homes in a Palestinian refugee camp after terrorists in those camps attack Lebanese soldiers: No shouts of outrage. Israel cuts non-essential supplies and utilities to Gaza: Human rights violations are cried from the mountain tops.

Israel releases Palestinian prisoners in a confidence building measure for Fatah: Two attack a yeshiva.

And more signs of Israel's "peace partners" at work.

In 2005, Israel left Gaza. Since then, 4,200 Kassam rockets have been aimed at Sderot: Little condemnation at these terror attacks aimed at civilians.

Palestinian youths are fleeing and not all is due to Israel.

Crossing the Rubicon asks some good questions.

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