Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Blood Libels

There has been a long history of blood libel against Jews. Absurd accusations, usually around the time of Passover, would be made that Jews had killed a Christian child and then used the blood in rituals. These blood libels have led to an untold number of Jews being murdered throughout history.

These blood libels became more even more absurd. Since industrialization and the modern era began, the new blood libel and one that still persists to this day, is that the there is a world-wide conspiracy by Jews to control the world. Jews have been blamed for everything from the plague to economic depressions. With the rise of Hitler and many who believed in the rhetoric of blood libels, 6 million Jews were exterminated. Today, the majority of people look back in horror at what was done during the Holocaust. 11 to 12 million people were murdered in those camps. But the Jews were selected for a Final Solution.

Today, a new and more horrible blood libel is emerging. It is directed at Israel, the Jewish state. German Catholic bishops have had the stupidity to compare Israel to Nazi Germany. And this comparison has also been made by British politician Labour councillor Ray Davies.

By doing a google search of Israel is Nazi Germany, there are 1,020,000 hits. This blood libel is catching on. And it is a dangerous one.

There can be no comparison of Israel to the atrocities the Germans committed. It has been over 60 years since the death camps were liberated. Memories tend to fade and Jews are now being accused of creating a "Holocaust Industry".

A history lesson needs to be given to those who equate Israel to Nazi Germany and to those who say we have created a "Holocaust Industry". Perhaps it should start with a video of when Allied Troops liberated Bergen-Belsen:

There are more videos of the liberation of the death camps. These videos are difficult to watch. I found myself crying.

How can people who are honest with themselves even compare the horrors of Nazi Germany to Israel? It is a blood libel on a grander scale than even the Czarists fabrication: "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion". The blood libels of Nazi Germany in the 1930's led directly to the murder of 6 million Jews: half of the world's Jewish population at that time.

Today, the world population of Jews is around 12 million with half in the Jewish State of Israel. Where will the blood libels of today led?

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