Monday, January 21, 2008

Manufacturing Outrage

By now, you've probably seen the pictures of the newest plight of Palestinians in Gaza. Surgeries have been canceled. Pregnant women about to give birth will have to do so without the benefit of electricity. And the terrorist thugs of Hamas, the "moderate" thugs of Fatah, the Egyptians, and others loudly proclaim it is the fault of the Israelis. And the news media continues to spin that propaganda.

Israel continues to provide 2/3 thirds of electricity to Gaza. Egypt provides 5%. And yet the heart of Gaza is in the dark. Why? Could it be that Hamas chooses to cut the electricity and endanger the citizens of Gaza in order to have yet more propaganda material to bash Israel?

A Blog For All has a round-up of the latest manufactured outrage aimed at Israel.

I'm just curious as to where all those protesters were when Lebanon actually did cut off the electricity, gas, and other utilities at Palestinian refugee camps.

Where is the outrage against the Palestinians who keep trying to smuggle into Gaza weapons and explosives hidden in trucks marked as humanitarian aid?

Where's the outrage when the Israeli town of Sderot is bombarded daily by Kassam rockets fired by terrorists from Gaza?

Why all the outrage when Israel justifiably closes border crossings with Gaza? Why isn't it mentioned in those news reports that Egyptian border crossings have remained open?

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