Friday, January 11, 2008

New Addition

Presenting Buddha:

Wednesday, while taking a photo break at work, this dog followed me back to work. He stayed there. He probably was dumped. He is a bit thin but other than that, he is very healthy. I think he is about 9-10 months old and appears to be a Labrador/boxer mix. He is very laid back, hence the name Buddha.

I took the above photo on Wednesday. After a bath yesterday afternoon, he cleaned up well and his coat is glossy. He is a little afraid of my cats. He is settling in and this morning became very playful.

He wants to be friends with my son, so that is good. I'll try to post another picture on Sunday.

He looks a lot like my dog Dodger he died last year at this time. But the personalities are very different. Dodger was super-hyper. All in all, it is good to hear the sound of a tail whacking on tables, couches, chairs, etc.

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