Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tougher Than I Thought

Monday, when I went out on my front porch, I saw a speck of yellow fluttering around. The winds from Gustav were still blowing and there were still gusts. I watched as the speck of yellow came closer and saw it was a butterfly. It seemed to just let the wind carry it and only used it's wings when an obstacle was close by.

I've never seen a butterfly when tropical storm conditions were ongoing. I didn't think they could survive the wind gusts. They're tougher than I thought.


Greta Perry said...

What - no picture of it?

shira0607 said...

Couldn't. The wind was driving rain under the porch and I didn't want to risk my camera. I had taken a few earlier and mist covered the camera. I tried taking some through the storm door which only allowed a narrow field of view.

I hope your first evacuation wasn't too bad.