Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Days Upon Days

You access the Internet. You see the news headlines: Nine killed in school shooting. You breath a sigh of relief that it was in Finland this time. Briefly, you may even think about those who were murdered and those injured. Never once does it cross your mind to blame the policies of the Finnish government or try to excuse the mad murderer. You may wonder if the person had a mental illness but you don't really try to excuse his barbaric behaviour.

So why are excuses given for the murders of Israeli students? You hear that it is the fault of the policies of Israel, much like some were saying the barbaric murders of 9-11 were due to the policies of the United States. It just excuses away the brutal murders and serves to give to justification to the barbarians who do these acts of murder.

Some try to say that the root cause of terrorism is poverty. This is untrue. Many of the barbaric, murderous terrorists come from middle class homes. Some, like Osama bin Laden are even millionaires. Terrorists are not some poverty stricken group that seeks justice. If they were, those in the slums of Cairo would have long risen up against the brutal Egyptian government. Some may try to say the barbaric Palestinian terrorists are seeking to right perceived wrongs. Does this really give them the right to murder toddlers? Does it give them the right to throw acid into a soldier's eyes and blind him? Does it give them the right to drive BMWs into a crowd of students and off-duty soldiers? Common sense would tell you no.

But common sense has nothing to do with the support Palestinian terrorists receive. These barbaric terrorists receive support in many ways. There are the church groups who seek to divest from Israel. There are the idiotic protesters who hold signs proclaiming they are Hezbollah. There is the UN "Peacekeepers" in Lebanon who salute the coffins of terrorists who have murdered children. The list goes on and on. Days upon days, Israelis have to deal with barbaric terrorists whose only goal is to maim and murder as many Israelis as possible.

Why is the murder of Israeli school children not treated as the tragedy it is? Why is there always excuses for the barbarian who pulls the trigger or flicks the switch of bomb belts, or throws the acid, rock, Molotov Cocktail, or drives the front-end loader, bulldozer, BMWs?

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