Friday, September 19, 2008

To the Top

Honorable Governor Haley and Secretary of State Hosemann,

The Mississippi Supreme Court has ruled:

A majority of justices ruled Thursday that state law requires the special election between Republican Roger Wicker and Democrat Ronnie Musgrove to be near the top of the Nov. 4 ballot.

Are you going to follow the laws of the State of Mississippi? This is the only question I have for you and it is an important one. As governor, you have the responsibility to lead by example. If you and Secretary of State Hosemann flaunt the laws of our state, why should anyone in this state not do the same?

The United States was founded on the precepts that no one is above the law. Are you two going to flaunt 232 years of that tradition? This country was founded as the response to the tyranny of King George III. The Bill of Rights guarantees that each person has certain unalienable rights. Our countries sought to make the equitable.

Each person from the lowliest beggar to the President is not above the laws of our great country. There are no kings, queens, or other royalty in our country or state that can say, "This is what I want and this is the way it is going to be".

As Governor and as Secretary of State, you both have a higher moral obligation to uphold and follow the laws. If the special election race is not placed at the top of ballots as mandated by the laws of Mississippi, you are no better than a murderer. Does that comparison seem to harsh? I think not. Both are laws on our books. If one can be discarded, why not the other?

Mississippi has a long, sad, cruel, and inhumane history of flaunting basic laws of human decency. In order to leave that past behind, leaders such as yourselves must not be above the law.

The Mississippi Supreme Court has left the ball in your hands. They stated the law means the special election must be on the top of the ballots without ordering you to change the ballots. Are you two going to do the right thing? Are you going to be leaders in the truest sense of the word? Are you going to uphold the laws of Mississippi or are you going to flaunt them in some misguided effort to give Roger Wicker a slight advantage?

Are you going to be like tyrants everywhere and be above the law?

The people of Mississippi await your decision and are watching closely.


Shira, concerned citizen

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