Thursday, September 11, 2008

9-11: Remembered

Seven years ago, 300,000,000 million hearts were torn asunder. It wasn't just an attack on New York, it was an attack on us. All were glued to their television sets. Our horror was as great as those who saw the events unfold before their eyes. The 2,996 lives lost will not be forgotten.

The Twin Towers which had stood for decades, were no more. From Likelihood of Success, a portion of E. B. White's Here is New York:

A block or two west of the new City of Man in Turtle Bay there is an old willow tree that presides over an interior garden. It is a battered tree, long-suffering and much-climbed, held together by strands of wire but beloved of those who know it. In a way it symbolizes the city: life under difficulties, growth against odds, sap-rise in the midst of concrete, and the steady reaching for the sun. Whenever I look at it nowadays, and feel the cold shadow of the planes, I thing: “This must be saved, this particular thing, this very tree.” If it were to go, all would go–the city, this mischievous and marvelous monument which not to look upon would be like death.

Many people like Pamela Stennis-Wilkins will remember escaping the Twin Towers.

Others will remember the escape of family members:

The detail of Jon's escape that still amazes is that given the lack of ventilation and the number of people escaping the stairwells had gotten quite hot. So the emergency worker broke open soda machines and handed out drinks to the escapees. A fire fighter handed Jon a bottled water on the 21st floor. Jon realized that half and hour or 45 minutes later the man who had extended him such kindness was probably dead.

Another New Yorker remembers and has posted extensively on the rebuilding.

The Pentagon remembers and is opening a memorial park today.

And one thing none of should ever forget is the words of Osama bin Laden: "We love death. The US loves life. That is the big difference between us.”

It is the love of life which has helped us these past 7 years. And it is our love for life which has made us determined to rebuild the Twin Towers, to remember those who perished, to seek justice, and most of all to remember there are those who are willing to murder us just because we love life.

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