Thursday, September 11, 2008

Texans: Ike's Storm Surge-Heed the Warnings!

Hurricane Ike is to the south of the Mississippi gulf Coast. The hurricane is traveling west but the storm surge is affecting the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Sections of Highway 90 in Gulfport are closed because the water has already reached the seawall.

Below are pictures I took about an hour ago. All are of Biloxi's Back Bay. The water is already 4 feet above normal.


Conservative Belle said...

My mother sent me an email telling me parts of North Biloxi were having flooding already. Thanks for taking pictures so I could visualize it.

Deadman said...

Shira - Mark here from Knocking on the Golden Door.

Some good friends of mine live a block from the water just west of where Ike is supposed to make landfall. They are on very high ground but are weathering it in their home.

Would you remember them when you daven this evening?

It would mean the world to me coming from you...

shira0607 said...


My apologies for not responding sooner. The flood from the surge was actually greater on Friday morning. Homes in Gulfport and Waveland flooded.