Thursday, October 16, 2008

Time Out

I'm going to quit thinking about the upcoming presidential race. I keep fluctuating between Obama and McCain. I had an interesting discussion with some friends today. My problems with McCain was picking Sarah Palin for vice-president and reservations about his health care plan.

I've been thinking about Obama's "share the wealth". And it struck a cord with me. In an ideal world, this would be fine. But it would put a damper on those who have the ability to create jobs. Creating jobs is the most effective way of "sharing the wealth" and businesses cannot be overtaxed to the point where jobs cannot be created. Over taxation will also lead to loss of jobs in these uneasy financial times.

In the debate about a week ago, McCain spoke of his plan for building more nuclear power plants. His plan would create jobs.

In short, the government needs to do like I and many Americans are doing now; cutting expenses, trying to save, paying down debt owed, and not buying anything on credit.

As the price continues to drop, it will help to lower the price of food and material goods. Still, caution with finances is the key until the financial markets settle down.

I'm also still concerned about Obama's foreign policy, especially in regards to Israel. It is telling that he says he is willing to meet with Iran's leaders but is canceling scheduled Jewish debates that include the Republican Jewish Coalition.

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