Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I've done my civic duty and finally watched a debate. It's pretty obvious that no matter who is elected, much money will be thrown around. The thing to decide is whose proposals will be best for the US. I know who I favor on foreign policy: McCain.

On domestic policy, I believe McCain's proposals on health care and energy are more fiscally sound than Obama's. McCain expounded on his energy goals. What he said about France, Japan, and other countries reusing spent fuel from nuclear reactors is very correct. Nuclear power is the ultimate clean energy. And if more and more cars are going to be hybrids and/or electric, nuclear is the way to go. McCain is also correct that we need to drill more along our coastlines. As an interim measure until those nuclear plants, wind farms, solar, etc, drilling for the available fossil fuels in our country is a sound move.

Obama's tax proposals are not very sound at this stage in the economy. Placing higher taxes on those who have the capital to invest in new endeavors and create jobs is not the way the go. The reason the middle class is feeling such a pinch in pocket books is not because of high federal taxes. It is because of the higher costs of everything due to raise in fuel costs. Food prices will probably continue to raise because of the floods in the mid-west and because of the disaster of the legislation that was passed by Congress and proposed by President Bush to promote ethanol. While corn is renewable, it is a food item, not only for people but for dairy and beef livestock.

McCain's proposal to buy those sub-prime mortgages and then renegotiate them at a lower value in order for people to keep their homes is scary. How much is that going to cost??? ( Update: Powerline has the details of the plan. It looks like the funds to be used for this would come from the recent bailout plan. Also, only those homeowners who have good credit and have paperwork that didn't falsify earnings will be eligible. )

One thing about Obama, I see why so many people are drawn to him. I like him a lot better than McCain. If the economy wasn't so volatile right now, I would be voting for Obama. One thing McCain did score points on as far as I'm concerned, Obama's proposals for the economy would have the same effect Hoover's did and that led to the Great Depression. It was pleasing to see both McCain and Obama express the love they have for the United States.

Obama is an unknown and his association with violent radicals like Ayers is cause for concern. Also, McCain was much more assertive on the threat Iran is to not only Israel but to the mid-east.

The world-wide economy is a big factor for me now. The turmoil we are seeing in the American stock markets is a calm sea compared to what is going on in the Russian and European markets. One part of me tells me that Obama, like FDR, would have the words necessary to inspire and comfort during these times. The other tells me that McCain's proposals would be the best to guide us through the morass we are facing.

I like Obama better than McCain. But rhetoric alone is not going to be able to steer us through. I'll have to go with McCain.

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