Sunday, October 5, 2008

Role Models

Have you ever had a role model that helped you change your life around? When I was growing up, there were two people I had as role models. They were John Wayne and my 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Sherman. John Wayne helped to teach me about integrity and personal responsibility. Ms. Sherman ignited in me a love for reading that I still have today.

This video, Obama Youth has been making the rounds. I finally finally watched it. I don't see what is wrong with these youths looking at Barack Obama as a positive role model. If you get past the hunting pants they are wearing and the alpha-omega part at the beginning and listen to what the kids are saying, it's a positive message. Instead of having a role model like Mike Tyson, Michael Vick, other sports stars, or gangsta rappers, these kids chose Obama as a role model.

Even with the recitation of Obama's health care plan and other things in the video, the message I came away with is these kids have chosen a positive role model. They state because of his example, they dare to dream about being engineers and see accepting personal responsibility as a good thing. Is that bad?

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