Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dancing in the Streets

Okay, my congregation didn't dance in the streets during Simchat Torah. We did dance with joy and love holding our precious Torahs. Our voices rang out with songs of joy. Each adult was given a turn dancing, men and women. Each held the Torah close.

It was my turn! After a long day and trying to fight back a cold, I tenderly held the Torah and carried it as I would an infant. As soon as I held it, the tiredness lifted and a spring came to my step. The dancers circled around me and the other Torah holder. Hands were joined and the music of our voices echoed through the building. The children made a circle within the adults circle and we were all embraced by the comfort, joy, and love our Torah brings.

We skipped like rams. We danced like trees in the wind. Our voices sounded as joyfully as water burbling in a stream. Our voices sounded like the mighty sea. Our Torah: Our joy and our life.

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