Friday, April 18, 2008

Turning Point

It is done! I had taken today off to finish the kitchen for Pesach. But circumstances have me traveling to Metarie to pick up the last of my Pesach items. Metarie is a suburb of New Orleans and has Kosher Cajun. They were going to deliver but I wanted to pick up a few more items I hadn't ordered.

Cleaning the stove and oven is always a major task. I had finished the cabinets, the refrigerator, etc on previous days, but I always wait until the last possible moment to do the stove and oven. It is done! I have one final check to do before I leave this morning. Everything is ready!!

To celebrate, I want to share this video I saw over at Seraphic Secret. Joy, joy, joy:

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zoey said...

that was fun to watch! it makes you smile and want to get up and dance too. enjoy pesach.