Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Whether right or wrong, you are judged by the way you dress and the company you keep. Based on the things you like and dislike, others will form perceptions about you. Jimmy Carter is either a doddering old fool or a hopeless tool. From his book where the title blares out Israel is an apartheid state to his coddling and cuddling to the vicious, mad-dog leaders of Hamas: It is evident to me that Carter is a dangerous, doddering, senile, fool and tool. But he is not alone. The UN falls into that category. In 1974, it legitimized the murders of civilians in terror attacks. It gave the PLO carte blanche to continue to seek out and murder Israeli citizens and Palestinians who truly sought peaceful co-existence with Israel. Just two years after Israeli athletes were slaughtered at the 1972 Olympics, after numerous plane hijackings, and other heinous actions and violations of international law and human rights, the UN gave Palestinians permanent observer status.

In 1974, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was granted observer status by resolution 3237 (XXIX). The resolution, inter alia , invited the PLO to participate in the sessions and the work of the General Assembly in the capacity of observer and invited the PLO to participate in the sessions and the work of all international conferences convened under the auspices of the General Assembly in the capacity of observer. The resolution also considered that the PLO is entitled to participate as an observer in the sessions and the work of all international conferences convened under the auspices of other organs of the United Nations.

This action was a slap in the face to everyone, including Palestinians. It effectively said it was okay for supposed combatants to seek and murder civilians. And the justification and legitimization of the murder of civilians continues to this day. The UN has now been joined by the European Union and sad to say, many major church groups in the United States.

And those who so blithely held up signs stating "We are Hezbollah" in protest of Israel's actions in Lebanon in 2006 support vicious murderers. Some claim that groups such as Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Hezbollah are "charity organizations". They focus on the groups acts of charity while ignoring despicable acts of murder and intimidation.

In 1956, the world saw what these "charity groups" are capable of:

If we look at Iraq, this all makes perfect sense through the lens of the Battle of Algiers. The daily homicide bombers against civilians is how the terrorists control the population. It's how they tell the Iraqis that they must not cooperate with the Americans.

The terrorists cannot offer a better life, this everyone knows. They cannot offer medical services, dental services, freedom of speech, nor education. They cannot offer a society where banks and stock markets function properly, where contracts are honored, a society where you are are safe to walk the streets, a society where women are not treated like cattle.

No, all the jihadists offer is mutilation and death. And they count on this to frighten the homefront, and ultimately intimidate civilization into complete submission.

The intimidation, the suppression of women, the chaos, the murders of opponents are being played out in Gaza and the West Bank. Hamas and Fatah(the new PLO) are drawn from the same cloth. Neither can provide the structure that is needed to improve the lives of ordinary Palestinian civilians. All they do is pocket the billions in foreign aid or use the aid to procure weapons. Those weapons are not just aimed at Israelis. They are also used against Palestinians who are seen to have collaborated with Israelis, Christians, or anyone else who gets in their way.

Supporting blood-thirsty terrorists will not bring peace. Legitimizing terror will not bring peace. Ignoring facts on the ground will not bring peace. Carter calls Israel the apartheid state. But he ignores the Judenrein goal of Fatah and Hamas. The Palestinians could have had their own state 60 years ago. They choose a campaign of terror and are still employing it today. You hear cries that the Palestinians were driven off their land during Israel's magnificent fight to become a state in 1948.

Seldom do you hear about Jews who were forced from their ancestral homes. In 1929, long before the existence of Israel, the Jews of Hebron were forced from their homes. In 1929. the Arabs wanted Jewish blood. Today, they still want it. The difference between now and then is that this thirst has now been given legitimacy.

Just two weeks ago, Abbas, the supposed seeker of peace with Israel, choose the highest Palestinian honors to two suicide bombers. He revoked the decision after much outcry but it is telling that this "peace partner" of Israel wanted to honor blood-thirsty murderers.

Why is there such clamor against Israel? Why is Israel always signaled out as the cause of the world's ills?

Why do people across the world support murderers and thugs while ignoring basic facts?

When Hamas brutally gained control over Hamas, there were some brave Palestinians that tried to protest Hamas peacefully. Their peaceful protests were met with the guns of Hamas.

Palestinian men, women and children, poured into the streets of Gaza City on Monday, determined to make a statement on the third anniversary of the Yasser Arafat's death. Precisely what statement they wished to make remains a matter of some debate. Was it love for the late Arafat, founder of Hamas rival Fatah, or a yearning for a return to the pre-Hamas days? Whatever the marchers meant to say, Hamas leaders read the crowd, estimated at about 200,000, as a threat to their iron-fisted grip on Gaza. Hamas gunmen opened fire with live bullets on the sea of demonstrators, killing seven, including a 14-year-old boy. Then they set out to round up Fatah leaders who organized the ill-fated march.

It is ironic or perhaps poetic justice that the supporters of the murderous Arafat were themselves mowed down by the murderous thugs of Hamas. By giving legitimacy to terrorism, a situation has been created where there can be no peace. Supporting terrorists does not help those Palestinians who just want to live their lives. It just makes it almost impossible to have a true and lasting peace. A case in point is the Oslo Peace Accords.

Palestinians and Israelis were making real inroads to having a lasting peace and living side by side as neighbors. Arafat couldn't have that and so a new intifada was begun and it hasn't stopped.

The wages of terrorism are the destruction of society. To read further how terrorism and support of "charity groups" undermine basic freedoms, read more about Algiers. What was played out in 1956, is continuing to happen in the West Bank and Gaza. And it is what the terrorists in Iraq are trying to accomplish.


QuietusLeo said...

Good 'ol boy Jimmuh Cahtuh. I didn't like him back in the 70's, I despise the senile demented fool now.

shira said...

He was a disaster for the US. He is a disaster for people every where who want to live in freedom. He is a smug b@@@@@d who believes he is the only moral authority.