Saturday, April 5, 2008

Adventures in Cooking

My curiosity was piqued when Ocean Guyposted about Top Chef and Iron Chef America. I've been watching them. Iron Chef is very interesting because of some of the ingredients used in the challenges. This past week, the secret ingredient was mangoes. I've been wanting to cook something different for Shabbat and mangoes were very far from my mind until I watched that show.

Mangoes are very sweet and I would have thought they would not stand up to long cooking times or strong fish. By watching the show, I learned this was not the case and wanted to use them. I didn't follow any of the recipes used by either chef but made up my own. It turned out to be a sort of sweet and sour gumbo. My son loves it.

As usual, when I'm trying something without a recipe, I didn't write down the portions and relied on taste alone.

1 onion, chopped(not finely)
2 mangoes, thick slices
2 cans of salmon
Ginger salad dressing
Teriyaki sauce
Ginger powder
Curry powder

I sauted the onions in butter until slightly browned. The ginger salad dressing was added next. The mangoes were then added and sauted. Then the salmon was added. The other ingredients were added to taste. Water was then added and the heat was reduced to low and covered for about an hour. It was then transferred to my crockpot and set to warm. I cooked two cups of rice to serve with it.

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