Thursday, December 6, 2007

Jewish Greenies

In an effort to stem global warming, an Israeli group suggests lighting one less candle for each night of Hanukkah. It defeats what Hanukkah is about. The hanukkiah is to be placed so that it can be visible to the outside. The lights serve as a reminder of winning over those who would oppress religious freedom and the lights are a reminder of the re-dedication of the Temple after it had been defiled. The lights are to blaze forth and to be seen by all.

These Jewish greenies are wrong in their approach. Lighting one less candle a night will hardly make a dent in pollution. It also defeats the purpose of Hannukah. This idea only serves one purpose: more publicity for the group that purposed it. And it distracts from the ongoing endeavours that can make a difference.

Seambiotic has a plan and it is a good one. It reduces polltion emitted by coal-burning smoke stacks and the resultant product is more a more cost-effective biofuel.

The simplicity of the idea is what will make it workable.

Israel's Seambiotic is employing algae as a biofuel that could also reduce pollution from coal power plants. Executives said the method channels carbon dioxide emissions from coal-burning smokestacks through pools of skeletonema algae, which in turn converts to fuel.
Algae was said to be capable of manufacturing 30 times more oil than crops currently used for biofuel production.

Using algae to both clean pollution from coal-burning plants and to produce a biofuel will help more than calling on people to light one less candle each night of Hannukah. The candle idea makes about as much sense as having a conference on global climate(warming) change and having 10,000 people fly to it.

Nah. My lights will blaze forth each night and as I gaze upon the candles, I'll remember those days of old when the light of freedom blazed forth.


Karen said...

I know, I thought this was a crazy idea. One less candle? Please. Go figure something else out for global warming, I say.

Happy Hannukah!

FeeFiFoto said...

Or, use beeswax candles, since regular candles are made from paraffin, a petroleum product.