Monday, December 24, 2007

Eggnog and Who

The Captain's Quarters has an interesting poll.

I can't imagine having Hillary, Huckabee, or Romney over for a chat and a bit of eggnog. They don't seem like the type to engage in fun conversations. I can picture Hillary in her condescending voice or perhaps since this is Mississippi, her having another go at a fake Southern accent. Romney seems likable enough, just not the type to have a beer with. Huckabee reminds me of those preachers from the Christian channel skits from Saturday Night Live.


Elmer's Brother said...

OT - sorry K...just wanting to wish you a Blessed Holy time.

Beth said...

I don't wanna drink eggnog with any of 'em! I don't like eggnog! (Well maybe spiked with a little rum...)

I hope you have a lovely holiday with your family--I know it's got to be "different" since you've converted, but can still have Santa, so you get two holidays in December! ;)

Love you!