Friday, December 28, 2007

Jewish Apartheid

Apartheid is a term used to denote the brutal tactics of South Africa against its black population. But there is another apartheid that has been going on since the creation of the Jewish State of Israel. Almost one million Jews were expelled from Arab countries after Israel declared its statehood.

The Arab-Israeli conflict produced two refugee groups, Palestinian and Jewish, yet world attention has largely focused on the Palestinian refugees. The reason is that Israel solved the Jewish refugee problem by resettling them. Meanwhile, the Arab world has not adequately responded to the Palestinian refugee problem, refusing to permanently resettle enough of them, and using them as political pawns against Israel. Both refugee groups numbered about 900,000. Though many were peaceful or passive, many Palestinian refugees were openly hostile and violent against the notion of any Jewish state. In contrast, Jews in the Arab world identified themselves with their respective countries and posed no threat to them.

The of Palestinians left voluntarily after Arab rulers told them to wait for the annihilation of the new Jewish State of Israel. The Jews who fled Arab countries had no choice. It was either flee or die.

Today, there are very few Jews in Arab Islamic countries.

All other Muslim states are Judenrein.

In about 5 years, the Shia state of Iran will also be Judenrein and for the first time since the 7th century Islam will have succeeded in making life so intolerable for their Jewish citizens that all 23 Muslim states on planet earth—I'm including Gaza as the Pali state—will be rendered Judenrein.

Oh, the Christians in Gaza are not doing very well, their days are quite clearly numbered.

Okay, there are about 2,000 Jews hanging on by a thread in Morocco. They will be gone in one generation. Who knows what the next king's policies will usher in. There have already been terrorist attacks against the Moroccan Jewish community. The writing is on the wall.

No Jews in Jordan. No Jews in Algeria. No Jews in Tunisia. Saudi Arabia officially bars Jews from setting foot on Saudi soil. Charming local custom. Yemen, maybe 100 old and dying Jews. Syria, the same. Egypt, the same. Libya, none. Iraq, done. Afghanistan, one crazy old Jew who lives in the Kabul synagogue all by himself. Pakistan? You've got to be kidding. No Jews in the UAE.

It is illegal for a Jew to enter Saudi Arabia. Iranian Jews are facing an ever increasing threat. And all because of the creation of the Jewish State of Israel. Arab countries say that the Jewish state has taken over historically Arab lands. The irony of that statement is ludicrous. The Turks controlled this land from the Seljuk Turks(11th century to 13th century) to the Ottoman empire(13th century to the 20th century).

There has been a Jewish presence in Israel for thousands of years. Jews were the majority in most cities until the 1929 Arab riots forced them out of cities such as Hebron. When the first Zionists started coming to Palestine, they bought land from the Turkish rulers. Land that was mostly swamp and desert. They reclaimed the land and built it up and in so doing, increased the economic opportunities. These opportunities were attractive to many Arabs and they started coming in.

In Israel, Muslims are elected to the Knesset. Muslim holy sites are respected. Jewish holy sites, on the other hand, face the threat of destruction once they fall into the Palestinian Authority hands. There are no Jews in Gaza and yet the terrorists still lob Kassams into the Israeli city of Sderot. Gazan Christians are leaving in droves because of the threats they face. Bethlehem, before the Palestinian Authority took over, used to have a Christian majority. And yet people like Jimmy Carter call Israel the apartheid state. It seems there is Jewish and Christian apartheid going on and the culprits are the Arab states.

Jewish apartheid has been a problem faced by the world for thousands of years. I do not understand the hatred others show to Jews and now to Israel. Anti-Semitism has never gone away. It is on the increase world-wide and even in this country it has reached a state that Jewish shuls, schools, community centers, and citizens face the threat of attacks to such an extent extra security measures must be taken.

Again, I do not understand this Jewish apartheid. I cannot comprehend the visceral hate shown to Jews and to the Jewish State of Israel. I do not understand why some people, when they see my Magen David, have a look of disgust upon their faces. I do not understand Jewish apartheid.

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This was obviously written by Jews