Friday, November 16, 2007

Who Is Ron Paul?

Yesterday, after reading The Ron Paul Campaign and It Neo-Nazi Supporters, I brought up the subject of Ron Paul with someone. It was sort of alarming that Ron Paul wasn't known to this person. What is even more alarming is the number of young people who seem to be drawn to Ron Paul's supposed Constitution stance.

He also seems to attract a lot of attention from white supremacists and neo-nazis. From the American Thinker post:

The white supremacists do more than raise funds. Blogger Adam Holland reports:

"one of Rep. Paul's top internet organizers in Tennessee is a neo-Nazi leader named Will Williams (aka ‘White Will'). Williams was the southern coordinator for William Pierce's National Alliance Party, the largest neo-Nazi party in the U.S."
Pierce is author of the racist "Turner Diaries". When the Lone Star Times exposed the $500 Don Black donation, Williams responded on the national Ron Paul meetup site,

"Must Dr. Paul capitulate to our Jewish masters' demands?"

The mild responses to Williams' MeetUp post make a sharp contrast to the hatred and invective with which Paul supporters respond to Medved or any other writer questioning Paul's refusal to disassociate himself from his racist supporters. Any other campaign would presume Williams' expression of anti-Semitism was a dirty trick by an opposing campaign. Williams would have been hurriedly denounced and booted out of the campaign. Not Ron Paul.

Williams has also organized at least one other discussion, "the Israel factor revisited" on the national Ron Paul MeetUp site. Again the measured tone of the remarks by Ron Paul supporters in the comments section contrasts sharply with the invective Paul supporters rain down upon bloggers who oppose him. Paul's campaign relies heavily on MeetUp sites to organize. Over 61,000 Paul supporters are registered on MeetUp as compared to 3,400 for Barack Obama, 1,000 for Hillary Clinton, 1,800 for Dennis Kucinich and only a couple of dozen members for most other candidates.

On the white-supremacist Vanguard News Network, Williams links to Paul's "grassroots" fundraising site and organizes other racists to "game You Tube" to advance a specific Ron Paul video to the top of You Tube's rankings. Writes Williams, "Everybody here can do this, except bjb w/his niggerberry." Holland points out, "BJB" stands for "burn Jew burn". BJB's internet signature is, "Nothing says lovin' like a Jew in the oven."

Most candidates tend to run very quickly from supporters such as these. Ron Paul has not made any statement distancing himself from these hate filled groups. David Duke supports Ron Paul. I have to wonder at Ron Paul's silence on supporters like these. Instead of running from support from such abhorrent people and views, Ron Paul's campaign has as its internet director Will Williams who used to be the southern co-ordinator for the National Alliance Party.

To me, Ron Paul is a kook. He is a marginal candidate at best and rightly so. To not denounce the support of vile, hate filled, ignorant racist groups, says a lot about Ron Paul. Does he agree with the sentiment of one of his internet director's signature of "Nothing says lovin' like a Jew in the oven"?

On October 26, Michael Medved wrote a letter asking Paul if he welcomed the support of neo-nazis, white supremacists, 9-11 "truthers", Holocaust deniers, and other paranoid groups. Paul has yet to respond. At times, silence can speak volumes.

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Mark said...

I have to wonder why none of this ever comes out in the MSM...

shira said...


Who knows. I think most people tend to view him as crank and therefore doesn't merit scrutiny.

Karen said...

Watch for tons of Paul supporters to flame your blog! It seems to happen automatically. I'm always amazed that he continues to be re-elected in his east Texas district!

shira said...


That is one reason I moderated comments. I've seen what ron paul supporters tend to do.

I still cannot believe he continues to be re-elected. Of course I could say the same about Trent Lott, Robert Bird, Kucinich, and others currently in Congress.