Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Head in the Sand

I haven't been posting very much about the Annapolis Conference. It is a denial tactic of mine. If I don't think about about, it will go away. See, every time I think about Israel having to deal with those whose one and only intent is to see her destroyed, I go into the same mode as when my ex-husband started to abuse me.

It is not a very good survival tactic but it does give me time to weigh options. Unfortunately there is little I can do about the Annapolis Conference. I can write posts about the futility of trying to negotiate peace when one side thinks of nothing but "Free, Free Palestine, from the river to the sea". One side is so blinded by hate, they would rather see their children blow themselves and murder Jews than have their children grow up.

How can peace be achieved when Palestinian school kids are being taught hatred for the Jewish State of Israel? How can anyone have any hopes of striving for peace when the Saudi Arabian delegate refuses to even shake hands with Israeli Prime Minister Olmert?

It is another useless attempt to negotiate for a peace one side doesn't even want. The Palestinians have yet to live up to any of their obligations from previous peace accords. Each time one of these "peace" camps is held, Israel faces an intifada and signs are there in Israel this conference is no different.

While this is going on, Iran steams ahead with its plans for nuclear development. Those who say Ahmadnejad is just bluffing when he threatens to "wipe Israel off the map" have their heads in the sand.

The Annapolis Conference is not over but I fear that Secretary of State Rice has her head in the sand. Denial of facts, whether an abusive husband or trying to negotiate a peace when one of the parties does not want peace, will lead to more violence.

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