Thursday, November 1, 2007


The Coast Guard is one of the most visible branches of the US military. Everyday they are out there rescueing stranded boaters and stopping those who try to smuggle drugs. They were also resonsible for the rescue of around 50,000 people in 4-5 days in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

They are also in Iraq. It was with great pleasure I learned that the Navy and Coast Guard were teaming up for this year's Project VALOUR-IT fundraiser.

The Navy/Coast Guard: a winning team. Be part of it by by joining our team. An unstoppable combination with your help. If you have a blog, post about Project VALOUR-IT. Or click on the donation button on the sidebar.

Project VALOUR-IT provides laptop computers for our wounded to use in military hospitals. The Department of Defense provides voice-activation software. These laptops allow our men and women access to family, friends, and the world. They can also be used for training of new technology skills.

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