Sunday, November 18, 2007

Saving Israel

When President Bush took a strong stance against terrorism and refused to meet with the terrorist Arafat, I thought to myself, here's a president that gets its. Unfortunately, now that he is nearing the end of his term, he is trying to broker peace between Israel and the Palestinians as past presidents have done and failed.

The problem isn't trying to get Israel to give more concessions. The problem as been and will always be the Palestinians have yet to fulfill any of their obligations from past "road maps" to peace. A terrorist attack against Israeli citizens? The Palestinians will say it is a group we have no control over. The right of return? More Jews were expelled from Arab countries when Israel was created. The Palestinians are the only refugees that have a full time UN agency dedicated to them. When Pakistan was created in 1947, 17 million people were uprooted. None are in refugee camps.

But the most glaring thing about all these attempts to bring about peace between Israel and the Palestinians is that both sides must want peace. Fatah has toned down its rhetoric regarding the destruction of Israel but like Hamas, it is the ultimate goal.

Secretary of State Rice, like so many before her, will call on Israel to make concessions without taking into account the Palestinian Authority has yet to achieve any of its obligations. As with Arafat, Abbas speaks words of peace to people like Rice but the Palestinian news, television shows, and Muslim clerics all preach the same thing: the destruction of Israel. And there is no end in sight. Palestinian children are being brainwashed into believing that murdering by suicide bombing is the only goal they have in life. Over the years, billions of dollars in foreign financial aid have been giving to Palestinians. And yet, the refugee camps are still open. There has been no real efforts to improve the lives of Palestinians as many of the top officials scoop out a large portion of the aid and put it in Swiss bank accounts.

Many groups like International Solidarity Movement are hypocrites. They say they support the Palestinians but all they seem to do is support suicide bombers. They say Israel check points, the security fence and other measures are forms of apartheid. Yet most of these groups do not protest when the Lebanese took more drastic actions against Palestinian refugee camps than the Israelis have ever done. Nor do they decry the violation of human rights that Hamas commits against Palestinians on a daily basis. Nor do they condemn the Palestinian terrorists who throw Molotov cocktails, shoot at Israelis, stab Israelis, or launch Kassam rockets into Israel. Clearly something is amiss.

The biggest joke though is the UN Council on Human Rights. Insanity reigns supreme at this supposed watch dog of human rights violations. Israel was again singled out for permanent indictment. Never mind Sudan and its genocidal campaign. Never mind Arab countries that do not give women rights. Never mind prisoners that are tortured in Egypt, Syria, and elsewhere. And what of the human rights of Israelis to be able to live without the threat of Kassam rockets, suicide bombers, Molotov cocktail attacks, stabbings, stonings, and gun attacks?

Yid With a Lid is hosting this weeks Haveil Havalim. It is the Saving Israel Edition.

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