Monday, April 6, 2009

The Search Goes On!

Why do we do this every year? We do we rid our homes of leavened bread and go to such extremes? Perhaps the answer is in this post. I like this answer as well. For me, the act of sweeping away the unleavened bread is an act of freedom. How can the seeming drudgery of cleaning be an act of freedom?

Each year, millions of Jews prepare for Passover and at some point their kitchen is turned over. The old way of things is out and everything is prepared for the new. It holds us together as a family and as Am Yisrael.

Haveil Havalim 211: Preparing for Pesach indicates the frenetic pace of preparations is picking up.

David has A Friendly Request.

Miriam shows a new way of parting the seas.

And huge footprints have been discovered which attest to the long Jewish presence in Israel.

After work, I'll continue the search(cleaning), and G-d willing, my kitchen will be turned so I can start preparing the feast!

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