Monday, April 13, 2009

Only Four Days Left!

During my seder, I was honored to host a doctor who had been back from Iraq for just a few days. He was homesick for his wife and children. He talked of the Pesach customs handed down by his family. He would hide the afikomen and then give his children hints as to where it was.

I talked about my earliest Jewish memory, which was when my grandfather made matza brie. When I would visit him in Chicago, he would make it for me and then we would play yatzhee or work on a puzzle.

I love matzo! You can make matzo toffee, matzo brie, or matzo pizza!

Cook something to read along with this week's Haveil Havalim 212: How Many Days til We Can Eat Bread.

Maybe next year I'll be one of those Ashkenazim Rebels and add corn to the brie or pizza.

Update: I just had to add Pesach Doritos and other yummies.

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