Monday, April 27, 2009


Haveil Havalim 214: Radiant-Ziv Edition is up.

Speaking of radiance, Israel should be a beacon of light. Instead, the very name Israel is met with virulent hatred and no body seems to care about the facts of Israel. Gail linked to a post by Mort Zuckerman called the The Story You Aren't Hearing. It is in support of Israel but the commenters show a hatred of Israel that borders on the insane.

Have people lost their common sense? We need Israel more than ever. The growing anti-Semitism guised as anti-Zionism is reaching depths not seen since the 1930's. The choice is the same as then: Do you appease the haters or do you stand for what is right? The terrorists of Hamas and Fatah are not freedom fighters. They are cold-blooded terrorists whose mantra has been to wipe Israel of the face of the map. These terrorists are the haters and they are supported by Iran.

We have a chance to let radiance shine. Quit supporting terrorists. Quit making excuses for them. Their cause is not noble nor just. For 61 years, they could and should have formed their own state.

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