Monday, December 8, 2008

Speaking Out

The Muslims in India are speaking out against the terrorists who attacked Mumbai.

Throngs of Indian Muslims, ranging from Bollywood actors to skullcap-wearing seminary students, marched through the heart of Mumbai and several other cities on Sunday, holding up banners proclaiming their condemnation of terrorism and loyalty to the Indian state.

Muslims took part in a candlelight march last week toward the Oberoi hotel in Mumbai.
The protests, though relatively small, were the latest in a series of striking public gestures by Muslims — who have often come under suspicion after past attacks — to defensively dissociate their own grievances as a minority here from any sort of sympathy for terrorism or radical politics in the wake of the deadly assault here that ended Nov. 29.

Muslim leaders have refused to allow the bodies of the nine militants killed in the attacks to be buried in Islamic cemeteries, saying the men were not true Muslims. They also suspended the annual Dec. 6 commemoration of a 1992 riot in which Hindus destroyed a mosque, in an effort to avert communal tension. Muslim religious scholars and public figures have issued strongly worded condemnations of the attacks.

There were 40 Muslims among the dead in the Mumbai attacks. The Muslims in India have realized that terrorism isn't to redress grievances but to murder innocents and that it is an attack against the country in which they live. it is a good start.

There are 140 million Muslims who live in India. The Muslim leaders in India have made a strong stand against terrorist attacks even going as far as not allowing the terrorists to be allowed burial in Muslim graveyards. Perhaps these leaders in India can talk to the leaders of the Palestinian Authority and Arab countries. Instead of making heroes out of child-murderer Sumar Kuntar, shun them. When suicide bombers blow them selves up and try to murder innocents, do not allow them to be buried in Muslim cemeteries. Instead of making martyrs out of those who are willing to gun down high school students, condemn them loudly and offer no excuses for the vile murders they have committed. This will be the real start for statehood for Palestine and peace in the Middle east.

Until all terrorists are condemned and no more excuses are offered for their vile murders, there will not be peace. It cannot be okay for Palestinian terrorists to shed the blood of innocent Israelis. Those terrorists must be condemned as well.

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