Thursday, December 4, 2008

Goodbye, Old Friend

The Biloxi Library on Lameuse Street was unique. It's architecture was fitting for it also housed a small museum for the pottery of George Ohr. A new museum is being built and will house the unique works of the Mad Potter of Biloxi. I used to visit the library every two weeks and check out 4-5 books. Also, I would go and look at some of the exhibits of local artists and photographers. I love books and the Mississippi Gulf Coast lost two treasures because of Hurricane Katrina. The Gulfport Library on Highway also had unique architicture and when my son was small, he loved to go there and watch the koi in the water feature in front of the library. Both places were ones I visited often. Gulfport has decided it must be torn down. A groups is fighting that decision. The demolition has already started on the Biloxi Library. The picture below is from the Harrison County Library system web-site.

Monday evening I wanted to take pictures of the area around the Vieux Marche. The picture below is of the back of the library. The space for the Ohr pottery and other exhibits were held upstairs.

As I walked up Lameuse Street and stood in front of City Hall, I felt sadness. Even after more than years, sometimes the things we lost still hit hard. The library was a refuge for me and many others. The demolition is just more reminder of how things will never be the same.

A new library will be going up in Biloxi. It will be further from any potential storm surge. The Gulfport library will be demolished as well and moved further inland. Both are a passing of a way of life that was enjoyed by many. I can only hope that the architicture of both will be unique. For now, I'll just say goodbye to my old friend.

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