Monday, December 1, 2008

The Answer to Terror

The aim of those who spread the evil of terror besides murdering innocents is to make others fearful and to keep them from moving forward. The answer is not to be paralyzed by the lingering fear. Akiva at Mystical paths has posted Rivka Holtzberg's parents will go to Mumbai and continue the work of their daughter and son-in-law. They will also be taking the couples two year old son with them. This is the answer to terror. I'm worried about what will happen. I can be reasonably think Rivka's parents are fearful as well. Their hope outweighs the fear.

If you are on Facebook, you can help by donating to the HoltzbergCause.

Or you can go directly to Chabad's web-site and donate.

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Miriam Woelke said...


There are so many rumours around the whole case. First I heard the same as you. That Rivka's parents go to India and take little Moshe with them. Later on, however, I found out that this is nothing but a rumour.

Maybe this saying is also a rumour. Who knows ? :-)