Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Checking In

There are many Israeli blogs I've been reading for several years now. Every time there is a terror attack in Israel, they are the first blogs I check to make sure they're okay. They are the same ones I check when Israel has to use its military forces in order to protect it's citizens. The calls from around the world condemning Israel are a tired and profane response to a nation's right to protect and defend itself. If those who cast the condemnations would have been as loud in condemning the Qassam rockets which have been falling on Israeli for over 5 years and if those same voices would have condemned the unjust and inhumane kidnapping of Galid Shalit, perhaps the Israeli military would not have had to act.

So I check in with those I know from Israel.

Muqata is given live updates.

David writes eloquently and has some very suggestions on how we can help.

Israellycool is doing a superb job, as usual, of liveblogging.

The Sandman is worried about his wife and children who are in the southern part of Israel. They are away from the Grad rockets and Qassams.

Akiva and the others who post at his blog all seem to be okay.

Miriam, Shiloh Musings, and Esser Agaroth are okay as well.

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Batya said...

Thanks for the link. I've opened my blog to frontline correspondents.