Monday, July 14, 2008

For the Children

While the news media seems to delight in showing children holding pictures of the vicious murderer Samir Kuntar, the news media does not publish the pictures of the two children Kuntar murdered. One was murdered by slamming her head against a rock. This sort of barbarity is worshipped by supporters of terrorists. Recently, people were horrified in this country by a "man" who beat a two year old to death.

You see no one holding pictures, much less children, of this "man" and calling him a "hero". So why are there so many pictures of children holding pictures of the "hero" Kuntar? It is suggested that the actions of Palestinian terrorists and other Islamic terrorists cannot be judged by the standards we supposedly hold so dear in Western societies. Why not? Whether the terrorist murders by smashing planes into buildings full of civilians, slamming a little girl against a rock, tearing apart two Israeli polcie officers, or bulldozing people in buses or cars: These are all acts of barbarity and should not be encouraged. Yet many try to excuse these horrific acts of murder by saying it is a response to the actions of Western governments like the United States and Israel.

Acts of barbarity have become a seemingly acceptable form of political protest. They are not political protests nor should they be accepted as a proper response to anything. They are barbaric acts of murder.

A family was destroyed by Samir Kuntar. His 'heroic" deed was smashing the head of a little Israeli girl against rocks. If this had happened in this country, England, or most countries, there would be gasps and outcries of horror. But it was only a little Israeli girl who in the last moments of her life, saw her father shot before her eyes. Her little sister died in her mother's arms. She died because her face was pressed against her mother's bosom in an effort to keep her cries from drawing the attention of those in Kuntar's company whose only goal was to murder as many Israelis as possible.

Below are pictures of Elnat and Yael Haran, two little girls who were murdered by the "hero" Kuntar:

Much effort is made to try to "humanize" and justify murderers and terrorists like Kuntar. What of the humanity of their victims?

H/t: The Only Pictures of Children We Should Be Seeing


QuietusLeo said...

The very thought of freeing Kuntar sickens me. It is immoral.

shira0607 said...

I have so many mixed emotions. I'm relieved that the families of Regev and Goldwasser will now at least be able to mourn. What was very immoral was Peres giving Kuntar a pardon. I thought at first it might have to do with Kuntar having been a teenager but his statements indicate he has no remorse and is looking forward to doing more of the same.