Monday, October 29, 2007

Where's MEGEN?

MEGEN certainly gets around. Last year, The NAVY TEAM reached it's goal well ahead of the other teams. Our team captain, Curt at Chaotic Synaptic Activity received MEGEN after our win.

MEGEN, “Most Exhaulted Golden NotEbook,” has been busy this past year. Curt has not been resting on his laurels after the NAVY TEAM'S win last year. The other teams are up against the full might of a glorious sea power.

Like the US Navy and Coast Guard, MEGEN has been travelling. Here MEGEN is held by Ben Garrison. He was a Radioman 3/c abroad the USS Mason. The USS Mason is a destroyer escort and during World War II had an all African-American crew.

MEGEN has also been here as well as here. Where's MEGEN now? Your guess is as good as mine but I have my suspicions.

The other teams are going to try their best to knock us out of the water. As always, the true winners will be our men and women who will benefit from Project VALOUR-IT.

You can help the NAVY/COAST GUARD TEAM by joining our team. You can click to join the NAVY/COAST GUARD TEAM or one of the others. Just a blog post to let others know about Project VALOUR-IT will do. In the next few days, there will be links to print out fliers and there is a handy donation widget on the sidebar. Let's make this year one of the best so that our wounded will be the winners.