Monday, October 15, 2007

"Moving Forward Together"

Moving together forward is the slogan of Governor Haley Barbour. And it is effective. It is very similar to the one we on the Mississippi Gulf Coast have been using since Hurricane Katrina devastated our beautiful coast: Together, we rebuild.

Elections are coming up and Governor Barbour and faces Democrat John Eaves. Eaves is a peculiar type of Democrat. Some of his commercials I've seen on TV, show him clutching a Bible and promising to throw out the "money changers". They say nothing of his leadership abilities or what he really has to offer Mississippi.

Four years ago, for the first time I voted for a Republican for governor. I wasn't sure about Barbour but back then, he seemed the best choice for Mississippi. I have not regretted that decision.

After hurricane Katrina hit, things were unbelievable bad on the Mississippi Coast. But it wasn't just the Mississippi Coast that was effected. Eighty-five percent of the state was affected some way. Crops and timber were mowed down.

Governor Barbour has very effectively led the way to rebuilding better and stronger. And we are moving together forward. Jobs have been created. He has proven to be a very effective leader.

From all the Eaves commercials I've seen and heard, the throwing out the "money changers" is recurrent. In the TV ads I've seen with "money changers", Eaves clutches his Bible. To me, this is an image from the 1900's. It says he'll move Mississippi backwards. He also seems to be concerned with the casinos. Apparently these are "sinful".

I want Mississippi to move forward, not backwards. That is way there will be no hesitation or doubt when I cast my vote for Barbour. Moving together forward and together, we rebuild are the messages Barbour has consistently stated.


Karen said...

"money changers"? Good heavens. Anti Semitic fool.

I think Haley is a fine man, too. I'm proud of the job he's done for Mississippi.

shira said...


The sad thing is, some in Mississippi like hearing what he's saying.

We need to keep Barbour!!!!