Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Particularly Provocative"

Those absurd words came from the mouth of Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat on hearing of plans by Israel to cut of electricity to Gaza each time a Kassam rocket is launched by terrorists into Israel. Who is being provocative? Israel for seeking a solution that will not harm civilians in Gaza? Or the Palestinians who lob Kassams with the intent of murdering Israelis?

I think Israel's plans are extremely reasonable given the circumstances.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak's approval earlier Thursday of an IDF plan to impose sanctions on the Gaza Strip in wake of the escalation in Kassam rocket attacks was the first step, defense officials told The Jerusalem Post, towards a "complete disengagement" including the gradual reduction in Palestinian dependency on Israel for gas and electricity.

It makes sense that Israel would want to disengage completely from Gaza. And before anyone decries the "cruel" nature of these measures, take a look at the plans:

According to the plan, one of the power lines connecting Israel and Gaza will be shut down at first for 15 minutes after a rocket attack, gradually increasing the cutoff length if the barrages continue, up to a two-hour limit. In addition, Israel will begin reducing the amount of gasoline it allows into the Gaza Strip.

Defense officials stressed that the fairly-limited sanctions were not capable of creating a humanitarian crisis in Gaza and were being imposed with the eventual goal - of the defense establishment - to completely cut off Palestinian dependency on Israel. The cuts to electricity will not affect Gaza-based hospitals, defense officials said.

Thousands of Kassams have been fired into the Israeli town of Sderot. The approach of cutting off power seems to be the least likely to impose hardships on the Palestinians. The Palestinians have myriads of terrorists groups. So while Fatah is off pretending to negotiate for peace, Islamic Jihad, al Aqsa, and so many others can continue their acts of terror and Fatah leaders can say, "It wasn't us!!! I have no control over those people!"

It is a shell game that has been played for decades.

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