Friday, February 27, 2009


I'm almost convinced that all the criticism and charges that Israel has become Nazi-like with it's actions to defend it's people from terrorists attacks have to do with a fear of retribution. For 2,000 years, Jews have been crucified by Romans, murdered by Christians and Muslims in pogroms across Europe and the Middle East. Since 1948 and the founding of Israel, Jews have guns and we are able to defend ourselves!

The Volokh Conspiracy writes about a 'play' called Seven Jewish Children:

""Seven Jewish Children": This, new short play opened in London recently, and it's hard to articulate how depraved it is without suggesting you first read the full dialogue. The essential "plot," if you can call it that, is to show how Israeli Jews, deranged by their suffering in the Holocaust, gradually turn into alter-egos of the Nazis.

Perhaps the writer of the 'play'(more like an anti-Semitic screed) took inspiration from those German bishops who compared Israel's treatment of Palestinians to the ghettos German Nazis created. Or perhaps it was from all those anti-Israel protesters who proudly hold up signs equating Israel with Nazi Germany. Or perhaps it was from Jimmy Carter calling Israel an apartheid state.

The thing is, Israel does everything in it's power to avoid Palestinian civilian deaths when military action has to be taken against terrorists. Israel puts its soldiers in danger in order to avoid civilian casualties. Contrast that with the actions of Palestinian terrorists whose rockets are aimed at kindergartens, malls, and hospitals.

The first blood-libel against Jews was made in 1144 in England. The play, if you can it that, is just the latest blood-libel.

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Jack said...

It really is amazing how some people can be willfully blind. That play is a disgrace.