Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Never Again?

Every time Israel does something to defend itself, people around the world screech and protest against the 'Nazi Zionists'. Iran now has the capability to launch into space. Iran has made repeated threats to wipe Israel off the face of the map and has been busily trying to build a nuclear arsenal.

There are around 6 million Jews living in Israel. That is the same number murdered by Hitler's Nazis. After World War II and when the death camps were finally opened and the atrocities, the ash piles, the mountains of clothes, the skeletal frames on those who survived were exposed, the world said "Never again". And yet, we are almost in the same situation as in 1939. Hitler made his threats to exterminate the Jews and nothing was done.

Country after country closed their doors to those Jews who desperately tried to escape from Hitler's menace in Europe. World leaders and most everyone could not conceive that Hitler would implement his 'Final Solution'.

Iran is gathering their final components for their 'Final Solution'. Iran would have no compunction using nuclear weapons against Israel even if it meant millions of Palestinians would be killed as well. Iran could care less if Jerusalem was destroyed. Iran's leadership has threatened all those living in Israel. Iran has held 'conferences' denying the Holocaust. They scream kill the Jews.

Never again?

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